“The Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet brought a remarkably varied program of music to it’s concert at the Corcoran Gallery Sunday and played it with style, energy and sensitivity….CSQ played with unabashed sensuousness"   

(The Washington Post )


“…the tonal impression is astonishingly beautiful. Radiantly, softly and seductively, Scarlatti’s old piano sonata’s dances it’s way towards the listener.

If you think you can imagine the tone of a well-played saxophone without having heard this recording, you should think again!”

( Politiken )


”Italian Baroque” proves to be just as enjoyable as its predecessor...... a combination of tasteful arrangements, stylistic awareness and, more importantly, impeccable musicianship, should prove enough to overcome the prejudices of all but the most militant purists..

The Corelli Concerto Grosso  is luminous and transparent, the saxophones combining with the organ to produce the requisite coloration.

The central Adagio-Allegro-Adagio is nothing short of sublime, while the famous Largo pastorale, with which the concert ends, is pure magic. Sometimes you can almost feel the Quartet`s straining against the temptation to swing, and this tension lends an added piquancy to the playing.

.... Devotees of the sax will love this disc – so will those for whom the spirit is more important than the letter.”

(International Record Review)


"... an exceptionally enlightened treat in the manners of baroque interpretation. For, far from guiding me down a heretic's path in the vagaries of ancient music, this one proved, if not definitively then at least convincingly, that the essence of any music, regardless of period, lies in the communicative ability of the performers at hand, not in the "authenticity" of presentation.

If I could play this for any of our readers--without telling them that there are saxophones involved--a large percentage would be too caught up in the stylish, excellent manner of presentation before they realized that Scarlatti's essence had been penetrated by modern metal behemoths.

.... Copenhagen Quartet executes its part with dressed-up baroque sensibilities and an unerring feel for the music. The sound is smooth and soft. If you love Scarlatti, don't hesitate."

(American Record Guide)


“But guess what? This CD is good, and deserving of praise. It features fine arrangements that are surprisingly effective (by CSQ members Andersson and Snekkestad), a coherent conception of the music, sound engineering that flatters the ear, and absolutely wonderful players with perfect intonation, delightful ensemble playing and—lo and behold!—a sense of style that surpasses that of the majority of “modern” performers. The young musicians of the group emulate the timbre of the most common Baroque winds: flutes, oboes, bassoons, trumpets. The addition of an organ (played by Viggo Mangor) smooths out any harsh edges, creating a homogeneous sound landscape that nicely incorporates the tone of the saxes. Tenor Mathias Hedegaard joins the group in the Pergolesi pieces, creating a creamy, agreeable blend.”

(FANFARE Music Magazine)


“ The saxophone combination is an excellent one, especially if played in such a perfection of technique, dynamic diapason, preciseness and varity of colours “

( Branimir Pofuk, Zagreb, Kroatia)


"The arrangements are brilliant, the playing stylish – no hint of cross-over here. Played as back-ground music, it will make you listen. C/B"

( Early Music Review about "Italian Baroque")


" What a marvellous quartet!!"

(Kilkenny People)


" Distinctive, even quirky and not for purists, but serious, intelligent music making which, in its adventurous arrangements throws new light on some masterpieces of the Italian Baroque

( about "Italian Baroque" )


"De fire musikere er et stærkt team-deres nysgerrighed og brede horisont vil føre dem og deres lyttere vidt omkring! "

( Berlingske Tidende )


"What this recital does bring home is the sheer wonder of the music; its lively wit, its unpredictability within quite strict stylistic limits, and above all its amazing harmonic resourcefulness - all of these make an enhanced impact when scored out in this way. Naturally, one loses something when they are moved from their natural métier, but there are enormous gains, especially when they are performed as well as this."

An unusual but extremely rewarding musical experience.

( about "Scarlatti)


“ Fully integrated and thoroughly warm tones are characteristic for CSQ`s interpretations of music from the renaissance period to the present.

….. It wasn’t without humour and played with great insight by a quartet that constantly proved to have heart and mind in the right place.”

( Bornholms Tidende )





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