Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet

Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet is one of Denmark's most recognized ensembles in the field of classical chamber music. Since the debut in 1998, the quartet has toured Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Austria, Croatia, the USA, Iceland, UK, Italy, and Poland, and has taken part in an official state visit to Slovenia with the Danish royal couple.
Besides playing music from the wide repertoire written for saxophone quartet which is still evolving, CSQ features music of the baroque by A. & D. Scarlatti, Johann Sebastian Bach and Arcangelo Corelli.
But also contemporary music by composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Franco Donatoni and Per Nørgård has the special interest of the ensemble.
CSQ actively works to commission and play new music from living composers. This effort has resulted in numerous pieces dedicated especially to the quartet.

Furthermore, CSQ also performs with vocalists, pianists, percussionists and a string quartet.
In 2003, CSQ released their third CD which contains music written by Domenico Scarlatti. This recording received impressive reviews internationally and won the prestigious award "P2-Prisen" from the Danish National Radio for best Chamber music recording of the year.
Over the years, CSQ has worked with artists such as: Michala Petri, Viggo Mangor, Amalie Malling, Matthias Hedegaard, rock artist Dicte, writer Jens Christian Grøndahl and the Cikada String Quartet.

The musicians of CSQ
Soprano saxophone: Torben Snekkestad
Alto saxophone: Maret Petersen
Tenor saxophone: Jeanette Balland
Baritone saxophone: Charlotte H. Andersson









Next Concert:

Sct. Mortens Church

Vester Kirkestræde 7

8900 Randers DK

03.29.2011, 7.30 pm


CSQ spillede koncert

i legendariske


19/7 - 2008 !

"Italian Baroque"

nu også udgivet på amerikanske "Helicon

Records" Kig her

CSQ er igen med på

Wundergrund Festivalen

3 koncerter er planlagt og vi fortsætter vores samarbejdet med DICTE b.l.a.

CSQ interview and review in next edition of the danish magazine "Klassisk"

"Italian Baroque has

just recived brillant

reviews in:

"International Record Review"


(see more at the Press section)

Latest review of "Italien Barque" online know on


new cd !!

Italian Baroque" are finally recorded and
soon ready for release on Classic-records
Music by:
Corelli & Pergolesi og A.Scarlatti
Guests: Matthias Hedegaard (vocal)
og Viggo Mangor (baroque-organ)



CSQ will continue their collaboration with the norwegian Cikada String Quartet, after having done a very sucsessful concert in Copenhagen on the "Musica Nova" festival.
Both of the quartets repertoire consists of a core of Nordic works juxtaposed with carefully selected international works. 3 works has already been written for this "saxostringoctet"